Planning on DIY Drywalling? Well, now might be the time to get yourself up to date on the don’ts you should be avoiding. Trust me, you will thank yourself for reading this piece.

There have been several situations when individuals assumed that drywalling was an easy thing to do instead of getting the services of a drywall contractor Chattanooga. However, the unforeseen technicalities of drywalling had them regretting the decision. To help you out, we have listed out certain mistakes to avoid when drywalling.

Mistakes to Avoid When Drywalling

Not Getting Proper Edge Support

Supporting the edges of the drywall is essential for proper installation. Before you start the process of hanging the drywall, make sure you inspect the space between the framing and drywall. Check if you have adequate exposure of the framings at the corner – you need at least 1 inch of exposed framing at each angle to get the right support.

Another thing you need to be sure of is that the drywall aligns parallel to the ceiling frame.

Guessing the Framing Locations

A lot of individuals are susceptible to doing guesswork to decide the framing locations. Don’t fall into this trap as you might end up with haphazard installations. Always make sure you mark the sites before you cover it with drywall.

The marks can serve as guidelines as you start the process. Simple pencil lines should be enough to guide you in screwing correctly.

Not Fitting before Fastening

Even with careful measurements of the surface for the drywall, you are still bound to run into certain bumps, e.g., outlets. Outlet holes can disrupt the process of drywalling and most individuals make the mistake of screwing the drywall to the framing before trimming the opening.  Doing this will lead to the drywall breaking up around the outlet box and therefore requiring extra time to patch.

What you should do is carefully measure and cut out the openings in the drywall sheets. Try holding up the drywall to the spot to make sure it fits perfectly.

Using Too Many Joints

Too many joints on the drywall are just not logical. Installing of drywall can take a lot of time and can be stressful but adding more joints to it creates more work for you. It would be best to get the most extended dry sheet you can lay your hand on.

Custom dry sheets of great lengths can be found in home improvement stores. If you are worried of how to carry these large drywalls, you can quickly get it delivered by the store.

Not Cutting the Tapered Edges

We advise that before drywalling, you leave a little space for unforeseeable circumstances. Cutting the drywall to a tight fit most times never goes according to plan. Drywall can crumble or chip away thereby shortening the length you are left to work with. The process of removing the drywall due to chips is stressful so save yourself the hassle by going more space.

When you get the perfect fit you want, you can trim away the edges.

From reading the guide above, are you sure you want to embark on the DIY process by yourself? Why not get a Drywall Contractor Chattanooga?

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